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Advanced tax and legacy planning.

What Is This Book About?

In this book, we will take you on a journey—and most likely,  you will find this to be uncharted territory. 

We have written it for the benefit of higher-earning, self-employed people who are looking for concrete ways to save for the future, protect their families, pay less in taxes, and pass on more for generations to come.

This book is a comprehensive resource to understand the key financial strategies and how the components work together to secure your future wealth and lifestyle

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Here's What You'll Learn Reading Orchestrate Your Legacy:

How to...

  • Reduce your income and estate taxes
  • Safeguard and control your assets now and into the future
  • Protect your family, business and heirs for generations to come
  • ​Increase your wealth at a faster pace.
  • Pass on your values and vision to your surviving family
Most Americans are losing money, many times unknowingly  and unnecessarily, particularly when it comes to taxes. They are paying much more than necessary, whether in income tax or estate tax or others. This is no small change. This is a pile of money that could serve them well and grow for generations to become a family fortune, and yet they are throwing it by the basketful into  the bonfire. The opportunity cost is staggering

We can help to spare you those sad losses. In the case studies throughout this book, you will find clear examples of how we have done that for others. If their problems strike a chord with you, that is probably because in one way or another you are much like them. You have a unique set of problems, and they call for a unique set of solutions. This book is for you. In it you will learn  about the most common problems of successful high achievers and the most appropriate tools that can help them.

Table Of Contents

In these pages, you will find portraits of families and individuals who are facing specific challenges and who have found solutions that have helped them to move forward. 


What Do You Have to Lose?

Chapter 1

The Real Estate Developer

Chapter 2

The Farmer

Chapter 3

The Orthodontist

Chapter 4

The High-Net-Worth Couple

Chapter 5

The Family Business Owner

Chapter 6

The Marketing Organization


The Dreaming and the Doing

HURRY! This Offer Won't Last Long!

This book normally sells on Amazon for $21.99. You can get it today for FREE!

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HURRY! This Offer Won't Last Long!

This book normally sells on Amazon for $21.99. You can get it today for FREE!

Meet the authors...

Rick Bailey

J.D., MAcc, CFP®

Rick Bailey is the Founder and Chairman of Camas Advice and one of the most highly-renowned estate planners in the United States. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with a Master’s degree in Accountancy/Taxation as well as a Juris Doctorate, Rick Bailey is a highly valuable asset to private clients, CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, and life insurance professionals for his expertise in advanced estate planning and case design.

Bob Crosetto

Bob has a BA from the University of Washington and a Masters in Counseling from Seattle University. He began his career in education but found that his real interests and strengths were in the financial services industry. Bob has had a long and successful career in financial services, as well as using his talents as a business & life coach. Bob prefers to look at each individual’s circumstances and financial goals to determine if and how he can best serve them.

Thomas J. Beno

Tom graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Finance. He has been working in the financial services industry for the past 20 years. He helps individual clients and business owners with diversified solutions in the areas of retirement income, risk management, and tax saving strategies. Tom is passionate about bringing real world solutions to his clients, and along with his seasoned team, provides custom tailored solutions that best fit each individual case.
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